The following are some comments from our clients.
"I thought I would share a recent customer experience with owning the Sure Action driveway sensor. We installed the probe onto a monitored cellular security system for a remote gravel pit on Monday night, and on Sunday we assisted the RCMP in apprehending a criminal. The solution was perfect for this application. Now I have customers beating down my door for this same application."

- B. Steeves, AB Canada
"My husband and I (mostly me) want to thank you for the wonderful service and equipment that you supply.  We have had our driveway bell for many years.  We have had only a few minor problems and my husband calls and you help him over the phone OR we sent the unit in recenly and you repaired and returned.  I do not feel content without the driveway bell doing its job.  We live in an isolated environment.  Any troubles are minor, however, to us they are major until you straighten us out.  Your equipment and service is top notch!."

- J Powell., MD
"..I have been using pulsors for over 25 years, ever since I met Austin at a trade show.  One memorable installation was at a restaurant that had an outdoor deck with a bar that was having vandalism problems.  Four pulsors were installed on the 2x12 frame of the deck.  The job was finished at 2 pm, and the owner wanted a silent alarm.  He set the alarm.  11 hours later, on his way home at 2:30 am, he received a call from the police.  They had four people under arrest.  They broke into the bar and were found sitting around drinking, oblivious that they had set off the pulsors."

- Joe G., NJ
"..I want to thank you once again for all of your support in helping us with the design of a Sure Action Stress Sensor system for one of our commercial clients.  I also want to mention that I have used your system in my personal residence since 1991 and it has never had a false alarm.  So in addition to its advantages of providing very reliable detection and being completely out of sight, it is also extremely stable and long lasting.  In all these ways it provides advantages for all types of clients - commercial, residential and industrial, it provides advantages for professional alarm companies skilled enough to deploy it, and it provides advantages for the police by reducing false alarms."

- Richard C., NYC
"..Job went great and to date not a single failure of any of your products. "

- Mike D.,
"..I've installed your system on my last four Sea Rays.  Your Pulsors [Deck Sensors] are perfect for boats."

- Joe C., NY
"..The [boat alarm] system is great.  Mine works so well that I bought systems for two of my friends too.  Instead all three myself."

- John B., New Jersey
"..Approximately two months after installation, the Sure Action pulsor detected our first intruder.  The intruder had noticed the motion detectors on the upper floor and was therefore confident about only burglarizing the lower floor.  He was still scratching his head with puzzlement as the police put him into the patrol car.  We have had only one false alarm occasion.  The crew had tried to stretch the field beyond the six foot diamter I had instructed them to operate under.  The system was readjusted and has been used ever since with no problems."

- James V., Bellingham, WA
"..We have just completed our one-hundredth installation using Sure Action products and we have not had one single problem in two years..."

- Paul F., Canton, OH
"..We found the sensitivity of the Sure Action Pulsor to be exceptionally good, actually much better than we anticipated.  We were able to set them up so that a forty pound dog would not affect the system, but a sixty pound child could not get on the deck and move about without tripping the alarm.  Many of our other customers have reported to us that they have experienced absolutely no problems with their pets or any other conditions normally found around a house.  These units are easy to install, and any inconvenience presented by an extraordinary situation is well worth the effort when you see the type of operation that these sensors are capable of providing and the satisfaction they give the customer."

- Brian B., Cary, NC
"..You asked me to let you know whether the system worked after all the instruction you gave me... Yes it did, and I am delighted.  Thanks so very much for spending the time on the phone.  It's rare these days to get proper technical backup, and one-on-one-walk-you-through-it service is unheard of."

- Fred W., Atlanta, GA
"..I've had.. Pulsors in my home since 1992.  I have a cat and the units work great in detecting the 'real intruders'.  Thanks!"

- Steve P., Reno, NV
"..I've used several different brands of this product line and found Sure Action the best by far..."

- Charles G., Pomfret, CT
"..I have been using 'Floor Stress Sensors' or 'Pulsors' for ten years and have installed over five hundred jobs with no problems.  Ever since Sure Action Inc. has taken over the manufacturing of this product, the quality has been increased one hundred percent."

- Bill P., Southampton, NY
"..I installed my first Pulsor system in my own home in the Spring of 1990.  I have a sixty pound dog that roams the house freely and does not cause any false alarms."

- Lorence Q., East Longmeadow, MA
"..Thanks to Sure Action, we have been picking up the pet owner accounts.  In December 1990 we installed Sure Action sensors in a finished home with a cat.  In the first two months of operation, there were two false alarms.  Both alarms were caused by the cat getting through the duel French doors and triggering the zone in which we had to use PIRs, yet the cat wanders through the area protected by Sure Action sensors.  To date, we have never had a report of a false alarm at any of our installations which was caused by a floor sensor."

- CRichard P., Lockport, NY