Sure Action Accessories

Accessories for Pulsor stress sensors, Probe vehicle detectors, The Doppler "Hideaway" Radar Detector, MarineGuard boat alarms, Bandit Bar window security and Accessories
Bandit Bar 2Window/Door Security  (Strong alluminum alloy construction)
BB2 - Bandit Bar for Windows - Fits any window from 26" to 36".
BBADP - Bandit Bar Side Mount Bracket
BBEXT - Bandit Bar Extension (24")
BBD - Buster Bar for Doors
Sure Action wire attached to probe Wire (XX= Wire length of 250, 500, or 1,000 feet) 
2SW-xx - 22/2 Shielded Direct Burial Cable with Drain

RXTX6_Battery-Operated Transmitter and Wireless Chime Receiver General 
Wireless Chime (Click for more information)
- Combination battery-operated transmitter and wireless chime receiver.  Ideal for door bell.
TX612 - Wireless, Battery-Operated Transmitter, 12VDC
RX6 - Wireless Chime Receiver
- Chime
- Chime Mounted on White Switchplate
(4) Pulsor Epoxy with Mixing Sticks
N3BOX - NEMA III Enclosure (Black).  Inside dimensions:  4.5" x 7.5" x 2.75".  Outermost dimensions including hinges and flange:  6" x 8.5" x 3.5".
N4BOX - NEMA IV Enclosure (Gray).  Outermost dimensions including hinges and flange:  6.77" x 10.8" x 4.33".
ON/OFF - Day/Night Photocell (circuit board and remote sensor)
SPLKT - Direct Burial Splice Kit
TP100 - Double-sided Tape (100 count)

image Marine   
MGSC -  Small Door/Hatch Contact with 20-foot Lead
MGLC - Large Door/Hatch Contact with 20-foot Lead
MGPTP - Point-to-Point Contact with 20-foot Lead
MGBSS - Bilge Sensor with Sounder
MGBS - Bilge Sensor with 20-foot Lead
MGMWT - Water-resistant Keychain Transmitter for MarineGuard systems
MGRC - Dual Tech Radar Sensor
MGWC - Wireless Door/Hatch Contact for MarineGuard systems
MGSIREN - MarineGuard Siren
PSiren - White, Low Profile, Flush Mount Siren for MarineGuard systems

Chimeplate TP100