Sure Action Wireless Transmitter with Chime Receiver

Sure Action RXTX6 Wireless Transmitter with Chime Receiver

Sure Action's Wireless Transmitter with Chime Receiver Package
Part Number:  RXTX6

Sure Action's wireless chime is the answer to annunciation in multiple locations with minimal to no wiring.  The system can be used in conjunction with our other complete probe systems to chime in various locations.  It can also be used as a stand-alone system for entry requests.

The chime receiver is plugged into any standard wall outlet.  It has over fifty sounds and four volume levels.  Each receiver can be triggered by up to eight transmitters, with each transmitter initiating an individual melody from the chime.  This is a great feature with multiple driveways or several entry locations.

Depending on which system is ordered, the transmitter is battery-operated with an internal push-button operation or modified to use an external 12VDC source with an external normally-open trigger.  Up to 8 transmitters can trigger a single chime receiver.  Each receiver can be programmed with a different melody to fit the customer's desire for the specific location.

Easy to install.

System Range:  Approximately 500 feet.

Product Options

  • RXTX6 - Package including (1) wireless transmitter and (1) chime receiver;

  •  TX612 - (1) Wireless transmitter.  Requires external 12VDC and external normally-open circuit;

  • TX6OD - Wireless transmitter with internal 12V battery, coated for outdoor use.  Requires an external normally-open circuit;

  • TX6 - Wireless transmitter with internal 12V battery and push button; and,

  • RX6 - (1) Chime receiver.