Sure Action Pulsor Stress Sensors


Pulsor Stress Sensors
Part Numbers:  ENHP+ or HPP+

Stress sensors enable home automation installers to create automated lighting systems in homes, galleries, museums, and other businesses.  Stress sensors are invisible.  They mount on the beams under the floor boards and respond to minute flexes in the flooring.  Placed in strategic locations around a room, stress sensors not only detect when a person enters a room, they are also sensitive enough to detect a person shifting position while sitting in a chair.

Stress sensors work as occupancy sensors for rooms and as spot triggers.  For automated lighting applications an installer would use a larger oval of detection, and for spot lighting applications,  the installer would set a smaller oval of detection.

Pulsor stress sensors are effective on almost any type of flooring.  Environmentally-sealed and wired with marine-grade 22-gauge wire leads, Sure Action stress sensors provide optimum results for both indoor and outdoor lighting applications. 

Pulsor Applications
Home Automation Security
Room and spot lighting Home alarms
Outdoor lighting Commercial alarms
Water controls Outdoor decks, gazebos, docks
Fan activation Roof alarms
Environmental System Activation Fire escape protection
  Window security


Enhanced Pulsor
Part No. ENHP+

Used on most flooring.

ENHP+   -- package of one Enhanced Pulsor
ENHP6+ -- package of six Enhanced Pulsors
ENHP12+ -- package of twelve Enhanced Pulsors


High Performance Pulsor
Part No. HPP+

Used for extremely stiff flooring such as engineered trusses.

HPP+  -- package of one High Performance Pulsor
HPP6+  --  package of six HIgh Performance Pulsors
HPP12+ -- package of twelve High Performance Pulsors 


Deck Sensor
Part No. DSE2

Used for outdoor applications, Fiberglass boats, fire escapes, and flexible construction.

DSE2  -- package of two Deck Sensors