MarineGuard Tracking/Reporting Services

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MarineGuard Why Monitor Your Boat's Alarm System?
Options: Cell, Satellite, and/or Central Station

Often, an audible siren and flashing lights chase away an intruder; sometimes they don't.  In those moments, a tracking/reporting services serves as a valuable backup and provides peace of mind.

MarineGuard's Tracking/Monitoring Services notify you if your boat alarm goes off.  If your alarm system is triggered, notifcation is sent to your cell phone, computer or iPad.  You can also choose to have the signal sent to a professional, licensed central station.

MarineGuard sends alarm condition to these devices

Some scenarios where additional security brings peace of mind:

  • Your boat is stolen while it is moored or docked at a marine;
  • Your boat is boarded while you are asleep on your boat;
  • An intruder boards your boat while it is moored in a remote location;
  • An intruder boards your boat while it is docked in your backyard.  You are not home.
  • Your boat is stored on a trailer in your driveway.  A thief tows it while you are at work..
  • You loan your boat out to family or friends.  You want to keep track of where it is located.
  • You own a fleet of boats and want to track their whereabouts.

Many of these scenarios are reasons why people have purchased MarineGuard boat alarms.

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MarineGuard's Tracking and Reporting Options:


Clandestine GPS Tracking

MarineGuard offers GPS tracking services that are independent of a boat alarm.  Please contact us for more information.