About Sure Action Inc.

Sure Action, manufacturer of security products, manufactures high-quality electronic components to use in alarm systems for the home and office, home automation systems, and boats   
Sure Action's Logo Sure Action Inc. opened its doors in 1989.  Its primary product, the Pulsor stress sensor, was chosen because it was the mainstay of Austin Stack's prior business, a highly-successful security installation company.  Austin wanted to share his success at installing alarm systems for the home with others. After selling his security company, Austin and his wife, Diane, purchased the rights to the Pulsor and started Sure Action.  Today, Sure Action continues to manufacture the original Pulsor.  However, it now has two additional versions of the sensor, making the Pulsor a viable security and home automation product no matter how a building (or boat) is constructed.  The Sure Action line of products has expanded to include vehicle sensors (probes), boat alarms, window security and chimes.           

While many companies close before their fifth year in operation, Sure Action celebrates its 27th year in business this year!  Why?  We believe it is because Austin and Diane Stack made it the company mission to deliver high-quality, dependable security and home automation products that function as promised -- deter intruders and/or help automate living.  Installers who choose Sure Action products select high-end products that are dependable, long-lasting, low maintenance, and virtually free from false alarms. 

Austin and Diane Stack, Owners of Sure Action Inc.

Austin's passion for the security industry began in 1973 when he and his brother, Bob, lost the office supply store they owned to fire.  Needing to support their families, Bob went into the Merchant Marines while Austin started Radio Surveillance, an alarm installation company, in the basement of his home.  Austin built their security company by installing home alarms in the famous Hamptons at a time when home security systems were not the norm.  In time, Austin and Bob expanded their home security business to include a 24-hour central station and guard service.   Radio Surveillance became the largest residential security company in the Hamptons.  The brothers sold the company in 1985. 

 In 1989, Austin and Diane purchased the rights to the Pulsor, a unique stress sensor that had been the cornerstone in Radio Surveillance's sales arsenal.  When Austin was installing burglar alarms,  he found that no other security products compared with the Pulsor for stability, durabilty, or convenience.  And his high-end customers wanted security systems that were convenient and maintenance-free.  In their new venture as a manufacturer of security products, Austin and Diane took the Pulsor global and Sure Action inc. began its journey. 

Now 27 years later, Sure Action, under Diane and Austin Stack's leadership, has expanded its security products and markets to include residential and commercial intruder alarms, home automation, homeland security and boats.  Our customers include distributors of security products, security installers, home automation specialists, hospitals, prisons, government agencies, and boat owners to name a few.  The diversity of our clientele speaks to the range of applications Sure Action products can resolve.

Trent Stack, Director of Product Design and Technical Assistance

Trent grew up in the home security industry.  From the time he was 2 years old, he would go to work with Austin on the weekends.  At first, he would watch his Dad install alarm systems for the home.  Then, as he got older, he would help with the burglar alarm installations.

In 1994,  Trent decided to begin his career as a manufacturer of security products and joined Sure Action.  As a kid, Trent loved to take electronics apart and put them back together.   So, when he joined Sure Action, the logical place for him to start was assembling products and providing technical assistance.  Trent's role at Sure Action has grown over time.  He now oversees all new products, product development,  production, and technical support.  His responsibilities also include writing Sure Action's technical manuals and scripts for monitoring boat alarms.  Trent is truly the expert in Sure Action's home alarms, home automation and boat alarm products.

Kate Liddle, Marketing/Advertising Director

Kate also grew up with the family's security business.  She knew more about home alarms, construction and installing security products by the time she was a teenager than most people know in their lifetime.  Like Trent, Kate would go to work with her Dad at times.  She liked meeting the customers and had fun helping her Dad test the burglar alarms after they were installed.

Kate has produced Sure Action's marketing/advertising materials since 1997.  Kate particularly enjoys web site development.  She also likes writing articles about the home security industry and press releases about Sure Action's products.